3. Upload

Once you have your videos recorded, then you'll need to get them on to YouTube (assuming you aren't using my alternative method with Google Sites).

Uploading Directly to YouTube


Shared Google Drive Folder

Google Classroom

  • Create an assignment in Google Classroom. All we are looking to do is create a place for them to upload the video, so you don't need to attach anything to it. You could create a mindmap template for them to lay out their links for you, but I'm more about making them start from scratch.
  • Once all of your students have submitted their videos, you can then find them all in the assignment folder under that class in your Google Drive. You can then follow the directions for uploading from a shared Google Drive Folder above.

Alternative Method Note

If you are going to use my Google Sites Alternative Method, keep in mind that you just need to get the videos onto Google Drive. In that case, Google Classroom makes it really easy since it can collect and organize your files in one place for you.