4. Link

“Annotations appear on standard YouTube players and embedded players. Annotations do not appear on custom YouTube chromeless players, or on mobile, tablet and TV devices.”
  1. Go to YouTube.com, click on your face, go to Creator Studio.

  2. Navigate to "Video Manager" in the left hand column.

  3. Click on the pencil for the video you want to edit.

  4. Select Annotations from the top menu.

  5. How to create spotlight annotation
    • YouTube's documentation on annotations
    • Annotation types:

    • Linking to a website can only be done if you own your own domain and use Webmaster Tools to authenticate it. Therefore, it is not as feasible for classroom teachers, never mind students, to do it.
  6. Eventually, as you build in your spotlights, you will wind up with many different layers of them like this: