There are several reasons why the YouTube version may not work or be the best option for you. Limited YouTube access and privacy concerns are often the top seasons that come to my mind. Although other methods may not be as slick, there are other ways to accomplish the same thing.

Google Site

Using a Google Site is my favorite alternative method because it allows you to use videos that are uploaded into your Google Drive. Therefore, you can still retain the privacy of it being visible only to those in your GAFE domain and/or those who have the link. You can also remove the videos easily should you ever want to take it down.

Additionally, students would be able to create the entire finished product without using a YouTube account at all and would have the collaborative options afforded to them by using Drive by sharing a folder with their videos in it as well sharing editing/ownership of the Google Site itself.

The only limitation is that there are some GAFE domains that opt to have the Sites available only to certain segments of their user group. So be sure that your students can use Google Sites before you opt to proceed. If they can't you have a viable case, in my mind, to have it turned on for this purpose.

Example of Google Site CYOA

Google Slides

Unfortunately, the embedded video type for Google Slides depends on the video existing on YouTube. That does not help much if you are trying to avoid it! However, using Google Slides would be easier for a group to create the finished CYOA video together as once the videos are uploaded to YouTube, they would just need the links to add them to the Slides. They would not actually have to log in to a YouTube account in order to link the pieces together.

Google Slide Alternative